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Repo for the annual Codevember: Finger Finger Revolution
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Codevember 2015

Finger Finger Revolution

Repository for the annual codevember.


A small Unity/Android Game


Download Unity and load the project folder /codevember15/ into Unity. Additionally download the Android SDK and link it into Unity. Normally things should work right out of the box.


We suggest to peak into the manual at to get a first grip at Unity's datatypes and structure (e.g. assets), but thats not absolutly necessary - we will give a intro on friday evening and eventually on saturday morning.


  • Patrick Schulz
  • Christoph Kreisl
  • Benedikt Beuttler
  • Jens Schindel
  • Ido Freeman
  • Mitja Ohm
  • Marius Krieger
  • Daniel Titz
  • Tobias Rittig
  • Mathias Schlenker
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