Material Theme, the most epic theme for Notepad++
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Material Theme for Notepad++

The most epic theme meets Notepad++. Inspired by Mattia Astorino's Material Theme for Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code.

You can help by reporting issues HERE


Getting started

To install this awesome theme follow the instructions given below.


  1. Right Click HERE and select Save As to download the theme.
  2. Go to %APPDATA%\Notepad++.
  3. Open themes folder, create a new folder named themes if it doesn't exists.
  4. Place downloaded .xml file inside the folder.
  5. Restart Notepad++.
  6. Open Settings->Style Configurator.
  7. Select Material Theme from the theme drop-down box.
  8. Click Save & Close

Getting the Font

The theme makes use of the following font:

  • Source Code Pro: Get it HERE

Alternately, you can also use the font of your choice by changing it in the settings menu after selecting the theme

Settings -> Style Configurator -> Global override

Settings -> Style Configurator -> Default Style

Recommended settings for a better experience

For a better experience, using the following settings is recommended

  • Darken inactive tabs : Enabled Settings -> Preferences -> General

  • Draw a colored bar on active tab : Enabled Settings -> Preferences -> General

  • Caret Width : 2 Settings -> Preferences -> Editing

  • Folder Margin Style : Box tree Settings -> Preferences -> Editing

  • Current line highlighting : Enabled Settings -> Preferences -> Editing

  • Highlight Matching Tags : Disabled Settings -> Preferences -> Highlight Matching Tags

Other resources

  • AppIcon: If you're bored of your default Notepad++ icon, you can try this sleek and modern one created by Piksely. (visit him HERE)

Download Icon

  • Mariana Theme for Notepad++: Try our other theme, inspired from the Mariana theme avaiable for Sublime text 3. Get it HERE.


External Links

  • Website: Check out the theme's landing page HERE

  • Dribbble: Have a look at our Dribbble Shot HERE

  • Medium: Read the article we wrote on Giving Notepad++ a modern makeover HERE