A Simple Template for Creating Codiad IDE Plugins
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Codiad Plugin Template

This is a base for building plugins for Codiad IDE. There are 3 main components:

  • init.js which initializes your plugin into the system
  • plugin.json which is what Codiad uses to identify your plugin
  • README.md which should contain information for the end-user

You can add CSS files, images, other libraries, etc. as needed for the plugin to operate successfully.

Since you have access to the global.codiad object you can also utilize other components in the system to modify the editor, work with projects, run searches, etc.

For a style guide and icon listing view the /style_guide.php file in the root of your Codiad install instance.

Explanation of plugin.json

The plugin.json file describes how the plugin will interact with Codiad. Most of the properties are self explanatory.

    "author": "Your Name",
    "version": "Your Version",
    "name": "Your Plugin Name",
    "rightbar": [
            "action": "codiad.MY_PLUGIN.SOME_METHOD();",
            "icon": "icon-NAME",
            "title": "This will be displayed in the rightbar"
    "contextmenu": [
            "action": "codiad.MY_PLUGIN.SOME_METHOD();",
            "icon": "icon-NAME",
            "applies-to": "both",
            "title": "This will be displayed in the contextmenu"

author, version and name are the core info, describing the plugin.

rightbar is used if you want the plugin to appear in the right-hand bar. The action parameter should call a method in the init.js file.

contextmenu is similar format to rightbar but gives the ability to add context menu items to the file manager. The applies-to property specifies whether the menu entry will appear for directory(s) file(s) or both.