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This page is intends to show you some examples how to handle different usecases.

Displaying a dialog window in your plugin

Normally your plugin should do something. Therefore often a small dialog window is required. How do we get it? First we need to edit our dialog.php to add a small html snippet like

    // For config related stuff, we need to include the common.php
    // also we check for authenitification

    // let as switch between our different actions if we want to display different dialogs
        case 'example':
            echo '<b>Hello World</b>';

Saving that, we are also editing our init.js like

(function (global, $) {

    // get the relative path of our plugin
    var codiad = global.codiad,
        scripts= document.getElementsByTagName('script'),
        path = scripts[scripts.length-1].src.split('?')[0],
        curpath = path.split('/').slice(0, -1).join('/')+'/';

        .load(function() {
            // start the plugin

    codiad.example = {

        controller: curpath + 'controller.php',
        dialog: curpath + 'dialog.php',

        init: function () {
            // use codiad functions to load a dialog with 500px width and our example
            codiad.modal.load(500, this.dialog + '?action=example');
})(this, jQuery);

Hooking into an existing function to provide a new functionallity

To provide new functionally, you can also extend existing functions by hooking into their method and overwritting it.

  • Example for overwritting rightbar menu entries:
init: function () {
    // look for entry with specific onclick and replace it's onclick function
    $('#sb-right a[onclick="codiad.update.check();"]').attr("onclick", "codiad.autoupdate.check();");
  • Example for overwritting filemanager contextmenu entries
init: function() {
    // look for menu entry and replace it's onclick function
    $('#context-menu a[onclick="codiad.filemanager.uploadToNode($(\\'#context-menu\\').attr(\\'data-path\\'));"]').attr("onclick", "codiad.demo.denied();");

Advanced example for overwritting dialogs:

init: function() {
    $('#modal-content').hover(function() {
        // look for a link and replace it's onclick function
        $('#modal-content a[onclick=\\'codiad.plugin_manager.install();\\']').attr("onclick", "codiad.demo.denied();");
        // look for a set of buttons and replace it's onclick function
        $('#modal-content button[onclick*=\\'codiad.plugin_manager.install\\']').each(function() {
            $(this).attr("onclick", "codiad.demo.denied();");
        // look for a inputfield by name and replace it's onclick function
        $('#modal-content input[name="project_path"]').attr("readonly", true);
    },function() {});

More examples could be found at

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