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Coding Dodo writes Tutorials about Python, Odoo and ERP development.


  1. owl-realworld-app owl-realworld-app Public

    OWL RealWorld App Implementation. This application make use of Odoo Web Library as a standalone JavaScript project.

    HTML 21 11

  2. web_widget_markdown web_widget_markdown Public

    Odoo JavaScript Widget to add markdown support to Text Field (Edit and Readonly modes).

    JavaScript 20 9

  3. OWL-JavaScript-Project-Starter OWL-JavaScript-Project-Starter Public template

    OWL JavaScript Project Starter with Rollup

    JavaScript 11 10

  4. owl_tutorial_extend_override_components owl_tutorial_extend_override_components Public

    This is repository with examples on how to extend, override and monkey patch OWL Components in Odoo v14

    JavaScript 7 8

  5. OWL2-JavaScript-Project-Starter OWL2-JavaScript-Project-Starter Public template

    OWL v2 JavaScript Project with Vite and TailwindCSS

    JavaScript 3


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