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A complete tool for creating and editing bitcoin transactions
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Bitcoin Transaction Tool

Language: C#

Packages needed:

  • Newtonsoft.Json
  • QRCoder

This is an open source tool for creating bitcoin transactions (unsigned raw transaction) and also to edit existing transactions by taking the same input and output and changing them (e.g. changing fee, locktime,...) ScreenShot


  1. Making Raw Unsigned Bitcoin Transaction.
  2. Coin Control.
  3. Making QR Code of any type of Input!
  4. Editing transactions.
  5. Compatible with most bitcoin wallets including but not restricted to (bitcoin Core and Electrum).

##To Do List the following are the features that will be added in the future. Please leave your feedback in the Bitcointalk Announcement topic or in Issues of Github.

  • Add ability to push signed transactions to network.
  • Add a new feature to suggest fee based on current network fee.
  • Considering multi-signature addresses and their appropriate transaction.
  • Add unit test.

##Announcement Link Topic on

###Don't forget to leave your feedback, Thank you. Wanna help?

Then review the code and leave your feedback.

Wanna help more?

Donate: 1Q9swRQuwhTtjZZ2yguFWk7m7pszknkWyk


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