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Coding For Product

Week 2 - July 2 / 8

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SUNDAY, July 2, 2017


  1. Tips for searching for answers and debugging
  2. Frontend
    • Intro to visual design for developers - Brooke Kao
    • Intro to html and css frameworks - Mallory Reulman
  3. Backend
    • Frameworks and libraries
    • Intro to databases
  4. Slides

To be done by today

  • Our Tech stack
  • Sketches/wireframes for the project
  • User test the sketches/wireframes
  • Tasks in the backlog

Our Goals for the week are

  • Get our Dev environments set up
  • Experiment with the gtfs files
  • Experiment with the Yelp API
  • Experiment with the Google API
  • Add the React on Rails Gem
  • Set up User Stories in the Tracker
  • Start coding
  • Continue learning language, git, frameworks
  • Pick a CSS framework if needed
  • Pick a database if needed
  • Pick plain SQL vs ORM if needed
  • Add hard coded-coded data or seed data if needed
  • Users test the app if needed
  • Use a project management tool if needed

Each team will present the work they have done this week


  • Start coding
  • Pick a persistence strategy

MONDAY, July 3, 2017

Venetya Attempted creation of scaffolding using

rails new LoveLA -d postgresql

The pg gem failed to install. Researching solution.

I was able to resolve the problem using

brew update; brew install postgresql

from the command line. Brew reported that postgresql was already installed, it just wasn't linked. To create the symlinks I had to enter this at the command line:

brew link --overwrite postgresql

Once the symlinks were successfully created I was able to install the gem.

Adding a user for our app

I launched PGAdmin and added a new role (lovela) and a new database (lovela). The next step was to modify the database.yml file in the Rails project with the appropriate login info under the 'development' area.


<<: *default

adapter: postgresql

encoding: unicode

database: lovela


username: lovela

password: lovela

With these details completed, the web server can now be launched on my local machine.


Set up our Pivotal Tracker for User Stories

We experimented with Git Projects and found it a bit too new to use.

TUESDAY, July 4, 2017

Jen I got as far as foreman start -f in the React-on-Rails tutorial
At which point I could not run the server. I think it has to do withmy Vagrant

Drinks, Food & Fireworks viewing

Venetya Created routes for metro api http requests, one for a list of routes, another for a list of stops. Created templates for displaying list of routes.

Obtained credentials from Yelp and Google for getting location information and maps.

WEDNESDAY, July 5, 2017

Jen 7pm standup Open Street Map has a public query point, which means you can get raw data for overlaying upon Google Maps! Ex: map of pharmacies in LA, click Data to get data:

Venetya Created models and migrations for route and stop info. The metro api was returning error 502 this morning, which indicates we will need to have a backup data source.

THURSDAY, July 6, 2017

FRIDAY, July 7, 2017

SATURDAY, July 8, 2017

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