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For your first project, you will build a frontend website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website will communicate and integrate with a 3rd party Web API.
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Seedling School

01 - Frontend Project

For your first project, you will build a frontend website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website will communicate and integrate with a 3rd party Web API.


These are the required goals for the project. Every project should at least meet these goals.

  • General
    • Demonstrate your ability to build basic multi page frontend websites
    • Demonstrate your ability to deploy a website to the web so anyone can access it
    • Demonstrate your ability to debug code with the chrome / firefox dev tools
    • Demonstrate your ability to manage a project with a tool like trello or github projects
    • Demonstrate your ability to create wireframes and implement those wireframes
    • Demonstrate your ability to complete a project to MVP (Minimum Viable Product) within 1.5 weeks
    • Demonstrate your ability to use a REST API tool to test requests to a 3rd party API
  • HTML
    • Demonstrate your ability to create html pages that link to each other
    • Demonstrate your ability to use semantic HTML tags
    • Demonstrate your ability to use accessible alt tags
  • JavaScript
    • Demonstrate your ability to take in user input
    • Demonstrate your ability to make API requests with front-end JavaScript
    • Demonstrate your ablity to handle CORS requests / errors
    • Demonstrate your ability to use and manipulate data from a 3rd party web API
    • Demonstrate your ability to handle errors gracefully
    • Demonstrate your ability to traverse and manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model) with Vanilla JS (No frameworks like Vue or libraries like jQuery)
      • Demonstrate your ability to select elements in the DOM
      • Demonstrate your ability to modify elements in the DOM
      • Demonstrate your ability to add elements to the DOM
  • CSS
    • Demonstrate your ability to use a CSS Framework (see a list of CSS Frameworks here) to create responsive and adaptive layouts

What you will build

Your website should have 2 HTML pages.

  • 1st Page - Landing Page
    • Title of the project
    • Description of the project
      • What it is
      • Why you built it
      • How people can use it
    • Link to your github / portfolio site
    • Link to the 2nd page (Application page)
  • 2nd Page - Application Page
    • Will take in user input
      • For example
        • Search form
        • Settings check boxes
    • Use user input to contact a 3rd party API for data
    • Add the data from the 3rd party API to the page
  • Your website will be deployed to a service like netlify, surge, heroku, github pages or so that others can access / use it

Example Project Ideas

  • Allow user to enter stock names and view a realtime chart of stock price
    • Same idea, but with crypto
  • Use a Nutrition API too allow a user to enter the contents of their pantry to get nutritional information
  • Use a Movie API to allow a user to search for Movie descriptions / posters
  • Use an Image API to allow a user to search and favorite images (favorites stored in local storage)
  • Use a News API to search for news articles
  • Use a places / restaurant API to list restaurants near a user
  • Use the ISS API to show the current location of the ISS on a map
  • Use a Rocket Launch History API to allow the user to see if a rocket was launched on a specific day
  • A trip planner
    • Use ride share API to calculate ride cost
    • Use a places search API to find hotels in a given place
    • Use a places search API to find things to do in a given place
    • Allow the user to save a list of things to do in the browser (localstorage or indexdb)
  • Use a game stats API to allow the user to search for top gamers of a given game

How to Participate

  1. Copy the Project Description Template into your own git repo
  • Copy the description from here
  • Do not fork or clone this repo.
  • Create your own repo on github named after your application
  1. Fill out Project Description Template in your own git repo and push to github
  2. Open an issue on this repo with a link to your project description
  • Link to the description file
  • Paste your 2 - 3 sentence description
  • Link to the API you plan to use
  1. Leave a comment on the issue as to the current state of your project
  • Submitted / Description under review
  • Project Started
  • Need a lesson on a topic
  • Need Help with a Bug
  • Project Deployed
  • Waiting for Code Review
  • Waiting for Feedback

See the Code Review Checklist and UI Review Checklist to know what I'll be looking for.

Example 3rd party web APIs to use

NOTE: you will want to find an API that does not require OAuth / authentication, and is completely open or only requires an API key.

In Scope

You can use 3rd party javascript / css libraries for:

  • Data Visualization
  • Maps
  • pdf renderer
  • Icons
  • Fonts

Out of Scope

You should not have any of these things in your project, (To help with consistent project feedback / project feasiblity):

  • User Login
  • Custom Backend API (Like express / django etc.)
  • Custom Backend Database (Mongo, MySQL)
  • Firestore / firebase


  • What is deadline for submissions?
    • No deadline, but try to complete your project with 1.5 weeks from the time you start.
    • The community will be checking for new issues / comments on a regular basis, so you can start this project at anytime.

Stretch Goals

Not required, but if you want to go above and beyond:

  • Use a web browser API like geolocation, battery / device, gamepad etc.
  • Use a linter (eslint)
  • Mobile first approach
  • SEO friendly tags
  • UI Animations
  • Docker
  • Build process with babel / webpack / gulp / scss / less etc.
    • Use PostCSS for cross browser compatibility
  • Use plain CSS with Flexbox / grid instead of a CSS Framework
  • Settings persistence in the browser with Local Storage or IndexDB
    • Hard coded username / password checked against local storage
  • Structure your javascript code in an MV* pattern (No 3rd party libraries)
  • Use a state management pattern in your JavaScript code (No 3rd party libraries)
  • Multiple pages with DOM manipulation (SPA) instead of multiple html files.
  • Document JavaScript with JSDoc
  • E2E testing
  • PWA
  • Any constraint you want to put on yourself to get better at a particular technology
    • Only ES5 (No ES6+ features)
    • Functional Programming
    • IE9 compatibility
    • etc.
  • 100% lighthouse score
  • Use a CI / CD pipeline

If you think of more stretch goals, feel free to open a pull request to update this list.

TODO: (For CJ on stream)

  • Create an Overall Project Rubric to use for consistent reviews and self guidance
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