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Project Name / Title

Give your project a good name like: MyPantry or BestNews instead of project-01

2 - 3 Sentence Project Description (Elevator Pitch)

In 2 to 3 sentences, describe what your project is, how people will use it

What is your motivation for creating this project?

Enter your motivation for this project

How will users interact with your web site?

Describe the user interaction involved, e.g. search form, settings check boxes, a series of steps to get some results etc.

What 3rd Party API(s) will you integrate with?

  • Link to the API documentation here

Tech Stack

  • CSS Framework you will use - or no framework
  • Any 3rd party JS libraries like maps, data viz etc.

Will you try to implement any stretch features?

What will be your process?

  • What project management tool will you use?
  • How often will you commit your code?
  • How will you test your web site?
  • How will you design the layout of your website? Will you use a wireframing tool? Will you draw it on paper?
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