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30 Days of CSS

30 Days of CSS is a 30 days of CSS coding challenge organized by CodingGirls.


For general info regarding participating in this challenge, check out our website:

For general guide to contributing to open source project, check out the following:

Study Notes

To share your study notes on our blog site, create a pull request to merge your post in.

Contributing Guide

  • Create a directory for your post and write your post in a markdown file:
  • Add the following front matter to the beginning your file
title: 'Study Notes: Title of My Notes'
date: '2019-02-28'
  • If you have posted your notes at your own blog, website, etc, put a link at the beginning of the post, i.e.:
Original post by [who]( [title of your post](
  • Use markdown syntax for your posts
  • To preview your post:
$ cd site
$ yarn
$ yarn start

By default, our blog site should be served at http://localhost:8000/

  • Commit & push your changes, and create a pull request to the master branch of our repo


If you see any CSS issue you want to improve, you may contribute to our website, or to our typography project CodingGirls.

All styling is written with pure CSS with an intentional focus on the fundamentals.

Contributing guide

  • Create an issue describing what changes you want to make

  • Once the changes are agreed upon, create a pull request to our master branch

  • Write in your pull request describing the following:

    What does this pull request do?

    Screenshot (if any) displaying the changes?

    Is there anything the reviewer should take note of?

  • Ask (in our channel) for someone to review your changes

  • Once the pull request is reviewed, we'll merge the changes in and you may expect your changes to be up in a few minutes!


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