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Let's find the list of questions and collaborate
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InterQues (

This is a collaborative repository aimed at getting tech interview questions and obviously their solutions. This will be written in plain HTML (we might later introduce CSS), although the interview questions could be from any domain.

What's amazing?

It's going to be completely compiled by our students


How it works?

This is started as a learning project for students who are looking for a complete list of interview questions. One question can have only one correct answer You can add a question (with an answer), suggest changes.

Contribution guidelines / Steps

For making any changes (from your local system), just following the following steps

  • fork this repository into your github account (create one if you don't have it yet)
  • clone it to your system (git clone )
  • in the terminal run git remote add upstream (this is for taking a fresh update of the code anytime in the future)
  • create a new branch from the Branch Types below
  • make the changes, commit and push them to your forked repository
  • create a pull request (mark an issue if it resolves one)
  • getting updated code, just run git pull upstream master
Branch Types
  • doc-branch name (Changes to documentation)
  • newq-branch name (For adding a new question)
  • correction-branch name (Making a correction to an answer/question)
  • upvote-branch name (Once you upvote a question)
  • hotfix-branch name (fixing something if it doesn't work)
  • struct-branch name (for structural additions/changes)

Installing Git

  • Download Git setup for your operating system and install it.
  • To check whether Git is installed on your system, open cmd on Windows / terminal on Mac.
  • Run command git --version and it should display the version of Git installed.

Cloning the repository using VS Code

  • Open VS Code.
  • Go to View > Terminal.
  • To clone the repo to your desktop, change the directory to desktop by running the command cd desktop.
  • In the terminal, run git clone
  • A folder/directory should be created on your desktop.
  • Open that folder in VS Code, go to File > Open.
  • Now you're good to go!


  • Send an email directly to arpan(at)codingninjas(dot)in

Code of conduct

Respect fellow developers, everyone might be at a different stage of skill levels Encourage fellow developers, pass on an opportunity to them, if they've asked something simple, just point them to the right direction in as polite a manner as possible Thank fellow developers if they help you out in any way

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