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LIFT Wallet

GitHub license

A Cardano Cryptocurrency Lite wallet. It ultilizes cardano-cli and cardano-address.

Still in Development.

Proceed with caution.


  • git
  • nodejs/nvm
  • bash
  • wget

We recommend using these methods to fulfill prerequisites:

  • Windows users, try some choco:
choco install git nvm bash wget
  • MacOS users, try some brew:
brew install git nvm bash wget
  • Linux: feel free :)

Initial setup

  1. Clone the project in your computer
git clone
  1. Install node dependencies
# install required nodejs version from .nvmrc
nvm install
nvm use
# install nodejs modules/dependencies
npm install
  1. Download latest cardano binaries for your platform
npm run binaries:macos
npm run binaries:linux
npm run binaries:windows


npm run electron:serve

A clean instance of lift-wallet should pop up!

alt text