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12 o'clocks

This repository hosts a collaborative p5.js port of John Maeda's 12 o'clocks, originally written for Mac OS 9 and released in 1997. Due to the Power PC hardware that Mac OS 9 ran on, it is very hard to emulate the original artwork and without access to a Mac of the era it is difficult to view. Therefore, we are collaborating to bring John Maeda's 12 o'clocks to the web in p5.js. The current version is available to be viewed at this repository's GitHub Pages


Possibly the most useful resource for this is a post from Golan Levin on the 12 o'clocks. Golan Levin has created some very useful GIFs of all 12 of the clocks in action.

There is also a useful video on vimeo from John Maeda including each of the 12'oclocks in acton (From around 4:00 through to 6:20).

If you can emulate Mac OS 9 or have a working Mac of the era, the software is still available from John Maeda's website


It would be great if you want to help out and recreate the 12 o'clocks, or if you have any more useful resources for the project. If you are new to git, you can check out Git and GitHub for Poets, otherwise feel free to fork this repository and create a Pull Request with your changes. Need help? Feel free to raise an issue if there's anything we can help you with!

Each clock has its own sketch file in the clocks folder, numbered 01 to 12 based on the position of the clock in the grid.


p5.js port of John Maeda's 12 o'clocks