Backend ExpressJS REST API supporting #codingmarks
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Codingpedia bookmarks, aka #codingmarks

This repo contains the back-end source code of the website - (cu)rated bookmarks for developers.

Codingmarks Context

This project is developed with the MEAN stack, featuring MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular and NodeJS. Authentication and authorization is done via Keycloak:

Network Diagram

Development setup

There is a two-step setup required for development

  • front-end setup concerning angular/angular-cli setup; this is described on this page
  • backend-end setup concerning mongodb, keycloak, nodejs

You need to complete both parts for local development



What you need to run this app:

  • node and npm (I recommend to use NVM)
  • Ensure you're running Node at least (v6.x.x+) and NPM (3.x.x+)


Follow the instructions from the Mongo DB documentation and install version 3.2 on your local machine. Connect to the mongo client:

# change to mongo installation directory

# run the mongo client
$ ./bin/mongo

and then create the codingpedia-bookmarks database:

# change to mongo installation directory
> use codingpedia-bookmarks

# verify that is present

> show dbs;
admin                  0.000GB
codingpedia-bookmarks  0.000GB
keycloak               0.001GB
local                  0.000GB


This is the "heaviest" step, we need to set up for development. But by using Keycloak we get lots of things like Single-Sign On, OpenId-Connect Support, social logins, user admin console, that otherwise would take lots of effort to implement by ourselves. To make our life easier, I have prepared a wiki page about Keycloak Setup For Development.

Installation and develop on local machine

# clone front-end repo
$ git clone codingpedia-bookmarks-api

# change directory to your app
$ cd codingpedia-bookmarks-api

# install the dependencies with npm
$ npm install

# start the server with nodemon, so that changes in the dynamically reflected
$ DEBUG=codingpedia-bookmarks-api:* nodemon start

go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser. You should see the following message - API Backend supporting Codingpedia Bookmarks