Proxy based Redis cluster solution supporting pipeline and scaling dynamically

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Codis is a proxy based high performance Redis cluster solution written in Go. It is production-ready and widely used at and many companies. You can see Codis Releases for latest and most stable realeases.


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Compared with Twemproxy and Redis Cluster

CodisTwemproxyRedis Cluster
resharding without restarting clusterYesNoYes
hash tags for multi-key operationsYesYesYes
multi-key operations while reshardingYes-No(details)
Redis clients supportingAny clientsAny clientsClients have to support cluster protocol
"Resharding" means migrating the data in one slot from one redis server to another, usually happens while increasing/decreasing the number of redis servers.

Other Features

  • GUI website dashboard & admin tools
  • Supports most of Redis commands, Fully compatible with Twemproxy(
  • Proxies can register on zk/etcd, clients can avoid dead proxies, see "High Availability" section.


简体中文 English (WIP)


简体中文 English (WIP)

High Availability

简体中文 English (WIP)




Proxy proxy

Slots slots

Group group

Sentinel sentinel

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Codis is licensed under MIT, see MIT-LICENSE.txt

You are welcome to use Codis in your product, and feel free to let us know~ :)