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Bringing the future to the renowned card game: Magic, the Gathering.
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Bringing the future to the renowned card game: Magic, the Gathering.


ArMTG allows you to play Magic, The Gathering via Augmented Reality, using a set of printed trackers to fetch card images from Gatherer, allowing for use of multiple decks and formats. It offers features like sideboarding and shuffling through the deck interface, without the need to physically shuffle the cards.

ArMTG consists of a deck editor overlay for loading and saving multiple decks, and trying out others' decks, using your device's webcam and interchangeable encoded cards.

Issues / bugs

Make sure you check to see if your issue is related to other issues before creating any, or if it is on the list of things we fixed but haven't released yet.

Be sure to tag your issue here using the bug tag!


If you are interested in developing ArMTG with us, you can reach to us through the Official ArMTG Discord which we check regularly.

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