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cl-ses is a Common Lisp package for sending email with AWS’s SES.


cl-ses exports the send-email function:

(cl-ses:send-email :from ""
                   :to ""
                   :subject "Hello from CL-SES"
                   :message "The body of the email message"
                   :aws-access-key "XXXXXX"
                   :aws-secret-key "XXXXXXXXXXX")

send-email returns T if the status was 200 (OK), and NIL otherwise. In the future I’ll hopefully have implemented better error reporting.

Setting the Content-Type

There is support for setting the email’s Content-Type. I’ve tested with text/plain and text/html, but others should work as well:

(cl-ses:send-email ...
                   :content-type "text/html"

The content-type key is optional, and defaults to text/plain.

Mulitple Recipients

You can specify multiple recipients by using a comma separated list of email addresses:

(cl-ses:send-email ...
                   :to ","

Setting a name in the from field

This isn’t really AWS Specific, but you can set a “Name” in the from parameter (you still need an email address):

(cl-ses:send-email :from "My Name <>"


  • Drakma is the only external dependency


With Qi

Add it another system’s qi.yaml, or load it directly:

(load "cl-ses.asd")
(qi:install :cl-ses)

With Quicklisp

Install to local-projects, then it’s quickloadable:

git clone ~/quicklisp/local-projects
(ql:quickload :cl-ses)


  • Cody Reichert (


Copyright (c) 2015 Cody Reichert (