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CodyReichert [scripts] Check in `amu` script
This is a new script that controls Amazon Music Unlimited from the
command line when it is running as a Chrome app.
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bash-git (bash-git) - added script for added git info to ps1 Apr 25, 2015
bash Update .htoprc - add BROWSER to .bashrc Nov 15, 2017
beets/.config/beets (beets) - new smartplaylist May 13, 2015
emacs/.emacs.d Update submodules Jun 25, 2018
eslint [eslint] Update config Dec 17, 2015
feh [feh] add fehbg config Oct 4, 2015
git [git] Update .gitignore_global Jun 25, 2018
htoprc/.config/htop Update .htoprc - add BROWSER to .bashrc Nov 15, 2017
inputrc added inputrc file to set vi bindings on all programs that use readline Nov 15, 2014
mpd/.mpd Update mpd and ncmpcpp with new HDD name Nov 15, 2017
ncmpcpp/.ncmpcpp Update mpd and ncmpcpp with new HDD name Nov 15, 2017
packages [package] update pkglist Oct 18, 2015
sbcl [sbcl] Enable quicklisp Dec 17, 2015
scripts/.scripts [scripts] Check in `amu` script Jun 27, 2018
stumpwm/.stumpwm.d Update submodules Jun 25, 2018
terminator/.config/terminator [terminator] Update settings - add key bindings Jun 8, 2018
vim updated .vimrc Nov 13, 2014
vimperator Update submodules Jun 25, 2018
xbindkeys-arch Add mpc and terminator bindings to .xbindkeysrc Nov 15, 2017
xbindkeys-ubuntu new smikr key in xbindkeys-ubuntu Nov 24, 2014
xinitrc [x] update xinitrc Jun 17, 2018
xmodmap (xmodmap) - add xmodmap file and mapped Caps Lock -> Control Jun 20, 2015
zsh [bash] - rvm stuff Aug 22, 2015
.gitignore Update .gitignore Jun 25, 2018
.gitmodules [emacs] add slime-repl-ansi-color Aug 9, 2015 Add more links to README Oct 18, 2015 Add script for stowing everything Oct 15, 2015


A repository of my personal configuration files. You can install these using stow.

Example: stow bash will sym link the files in the bash/ directory to the correct place in $HOME.


Bourne-Again-SHell bash-git-prompt beets: the music geeks organizer GNU Emacs eslint feh git htop inputrc (config for bash readline) mpd (music player daemon) ncmpcpp Scripts (personal bash scripts for various tasks) StumpWM Terminator terminal emulator Vim Vimperator XBindKeys xorg-xinit Xmodmap Zsh


Feel free to copy or use any of the configuration files.