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Random notes for stuff I’d like to do:

  • A single command to install Qi
  • Don’t redownload and install dependencies if they already exist
  • Muffle output from Qi when loading asdf systems
  • Add recipes/ for adding a new package to the Manifest
  • (qi:update-manifest) to upgrade the Qi Manifest
  • Project scaffold
    • (qi:init :project-name) should work.
    • Preferably using fukamachi/cl-project and adding a qi.yaml
    • cl-project shouldn’t be bundled with Qi due to the large dependency profile. We could either roll our own, or install cl-project after the fact.
  • More work on specifying specific versions of a package

In Progress

  • Tests - thanks to @nlamirault!
  • Cleanup and document API functions
  • A workable cli


  • Global packages
  • A workable cli
    • [Available] Globall installpackages: qi –install caveman
    • [Available] Command to Upgrade Qi: qi –upgrade