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(defpackage #:qi-setup
(:use #:cl))
(in-package #:qi-setup)
;; Code:
(defvar +qi-directory+ (make-pathname :defaults *load-truename* :name nil :type nil))
(defvar +qi-dependencies+ (merge-pathnames "dependencies/" +qi-directory+))
(defun qi-dir (path)
"Make a pathname rooted at +qi-directory+."
(merge-pathnames path +qi-directory+))
(defun find-asdf-fasl ()
(let* ((og-fasl (compile-file-pathname (qi-dir "asdf/asdf.lisp")))
(asdf-fasl (qi-dir (make-pathname :defaults og-fasl
(list :relative "cache"
(ensure-directories-exist asdf-fasl)
(defun ensure-asdf-loaded () ;; taken from quicklisp's resolver here
"Try several methods to make sure that a sufficiently-new ASDF is
loaded: first try (require 'asdf), then loading the ASDF FASL, then
compiling asdf.lisp to a FASL and then loading it."
(let* ((source (qi-dir "asdf/asdf.lisp"))
(asdf-fasl (find-asdf-fasl)))
(labels ((asdf-symbol (name)
(let ((asdf-package (find-package '#:asdf)))
(when asdf-package
(find-symbol (string name) asdf-package))))
(version-satisfies (version)
(let ((vs-fun (asdf-symbol '#:version-satisfies))
(vfun (asdf-symbol '#:asdf-version)))
(when (and vs-fun vfun
(fboundp vs-fun)
(fboundp vfun))
(funcall vs-fun (funcall vfun) version)))))
(block nil
(macrolet ((try (&body asdf-loading-forms)
(handler-bind ((warning #'muffle-warning))
(when (version-satisfies "3.0")
(return t)))))
(try (require 'asdf))
(try (load asdf-fasl :verbose nil))
(try (load (compile-file source :verbose nil :output-file asdf-fasl)))
(error "Could not load ASDF ~S or newer" "3.0"))))))
(setf asdf:*asdf-verbose* nil)
(defun push-new-to-registry (dep)
"Add a directory to the ASDF registry."
(setf asdf:*central-registry* (pushnew dep asdf:*central-registry*)))
(defun load-user-packages ()
"Make user-global-packages available to ASDF. They're not immediately
available like qi, but can be make so by (qi:qiload :<system>)."
(loop for dir in (directory (qi-dir "share/qi/packages/**"))
do (push-new-to-registry dir)))
;; Walk dependencies and make all of qi's dependencies
;; available. Also walk share/qi/packages to load in user
;; globally-installed packages.
(let ((qi-deps-to-load (directory (concatenate 'string (namestring +qi-dependencies+) "**"))))
(setf asdf:*central-registry* nil)
(push-new-to-registry +qi-directory+)
(loop for d in qi-deps-to-load
(push-new-to-registry d)))
;; Load Qi
(let ((*compile-print* nil)
(*compile-verbose* nil)
(*load-verbose* nil)
(*load-print* nil))
(handler-bind ((warning #'muffle-warning))
(asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'qi :verbose nil))))
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