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We love to work in team and we think that we are never as performant that when we work together. This is why one of our primary focus is to develop our tools for the open source community.

If you want to use and share our tools, you become a member of the team. Open source is all about sharing and contributing. We are as well pleased that you use our tools, but we will be more than happy if you would like to contribute to them in any possible way (share them, fix issues, add features, etc...).

To do so, their's only some guidelines to follow in order to keep nice and clean products. Here's how you can contribute:

Share the love ❤️

Not so much guidelines here. At least, if you want to share some thoughts about our work, positive or negative, try to stay constructive... Keep in mind that we provide these tools for free. We see too much negative comments around some open source projects on the social networks these days by haters... Keep in mind that the open source community prefer guys that do something bad over guys that only say bad things....

## Declare issues

This is the most basic contribution you can make to a project. Here's just some small guidelines to create issues the proper way:

  1. Describe the issue
    • Versions (tool, environment, etc...)
    • How to reproduce the issue
    • Error messages, etc...
  2. Stay in touch with your issue feed
    • Don't run away... You're in charge of your issues

Fix issues

Doing is better that just finger pointing...

Fixing issues are a nice way to start contributing to an open source project. It can be your own issue with the tool or another person one, it still be an opportunity to put your hands in the dirt and understand a little bit more how your favorite tool actually works under the hood. We will be as well very happy to count you among our contributors! Here's how to proceed:

  1. Tell the world that you will take care of it in the issue feed
  2. Fork the project your interested in
  3. Create a branch named issue/{issueId}
  4. Fix the issue
  5. Test your Fix
    • Run the current tests if already exists
    • Create some tests that ensure your fix will stay relevant through time if needed
  6. Create a pull request
    • Try to explain briefly how you've fix the issue
  7. Wait till an official maintainer answer to your pull request

Don't be vexed if sometimes your fix is not merged into the project. This will not mean that we don't like you, but maybe that someone else has already take care of it, or that your solution does not fit the standard of the project. Remember that we will always be thankful that you contribute in any possible way...

Add some features

Adding features is another great way to contribute to projects. That's what make the tools better and better! Here's how to contribute to new features:

  1. Create an "issue" with the "enhancement" label
  2. Discuss about your enhancement idea before start coding like a goblin...
    • Wait for an official maintainer to valid your feature idea
    • This is what prevent the project to run in any directions and become an ugly monster
  3. Fork the project
  4. Create a branch named feature/{issueId}
  5. Develop your feature
  6. Test your feature
    • Run the current tests if already exists
    • Create some tests that ensure your fix will stay relevant through time if needed
  7. Document your feature
    • Stick to the documentation structure of the project you've worked on
  8. Create a pull request
  9. Wait till an official maintainer answer to your pull request

Build web component

In order to write nice web components, we provide you a nice boilerplate that you can start with. This boilerplate cover these areas:

  1. Pre-configured to write ES6/7 Using babel
  2. Pre-configured to write tests through karma
  3. Basically, clone and start working

Become an official maintainer

We would be more than pleased if you want to help us keep and push Coffeekraken forward. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Contribute to our repositories at least a couple times
  2. Drop us a line to with:
    • Your motivations in just few lines
    • Your github username
    • Some kind words are appreciated... ☕️

Make a small donation

As all the open source projects out there, the Coffeekraken team works proudly and freely to provide you the nicest tools possible. You can show your gratitude by just dropping some kind lines to, or by making a small (large donations are accepted as well) donation here (paypal).