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Use rofi to quickly open Visual Studio Code or Codium workspaces. Since I use it, I have more time to enjoy with my friends and family.

How to use it

Just run rofi-code and a popup window should appear showing the list of all your workspaces. Get the list filtered by typing text, use the arrow keys to displace the cursor to the workspace you want to open, and press enter. That's it.

If you want to customize the behaviour you could use any of the options provided using the command line.

For a list of flags and options just type run rofi-code --help in your terminal:

foo@bar:~$ rofi-code --help
usage: rofi-code [-h|--help] [-d|--dir "<value>"] [-s|--sort (time|path|name)]
                 [-f|--full] [-o|--output] [-r|--rofi "<value>"] [-c|--code

                 Use rofi to quickly open a VSCode or Codium workspace


  -h  --help    Print help information
  -d  --dir     Comma separated paths to the config directories. Default:
  -s  --sort    How the workspaces should be sorted. Default: time
  -f  --full    Show the full path instead of collapsing the home directory to
                a tilde. Default: false
  -o  --output  Just prints the workspaces to stdout and exit. Default: false
  -r  --rofi    Command line to launch rofi. Default: rofi -dmenu -p "Open
                workspace" -no-custom
  -c  --code    Command line to launch the editor. It will try to detect codium
                or code

I use rofi-code everyday using a keystroke combination in my i3 window manager setup with the following line in ~/.config/i3/config.

bindsym $mod+Shift+v exec --no-startup-id rofi-code


Of course you will need rofi installed.

Also you will be required to have installed the go language tools in your system as a prerequisite to build this software. Why? Because this is coded in go.

Install in Arch Linux

Use any Arch User Repository helper yaourt, yay, paru for installing the rofi-code-git package

For example:

foo@bar:~$ yay -S rofi-code-git

Install from sources

Run the following commands in your terminal

foo@bar:~$ git clone
foo@bar:~$ make install