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Branch: V3/develop
Commits on Jan 13, 2020
  1. [Warnings] Make [p]warnings usable on base of permissions (#3327)

    Dav-Git authored and mikeshardmind committed Jan 13, 2020
    * new code
    Added the admin check to warnings and removed the part where the user could check themselves.
    Added new mywarns which replaces part of the old behaviour of warn
    * Update
    * Create 2900.enhance.rst
    * Fixed command name
    Because appearently I can't remember a command for 10 seconds
    * Commands in backticks
    Put command names in changelog in double backticks after being advised to do so in discord
    * made user not optional, and the other thing sinbad requested
    * switched parts. magic
    resolves #2900
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