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Illinois Structured Learning Package v1.0.0

Illinois Structured Learning Package (Illinois-SL) is a general purpose JAVA library for performing structured learning. It houses learning algorithms like averaged Structured Perceptron and Structured SVM with L2-Loss, and provides a minimal interface for your structured learning needs. The training algorithm employed for training SSVM is dual coordinate descent(DCD), which has been proven to have very good convergence properties. Illinois-SL comes with an efficient implementation of DCD with support for multi-threading. Illinois-SL provides a simple and neat framework for developing applications using structured prediction models.

Maven Coordinates

To use Illinois-SL in your project add the following to your pom,



Example Usage

We provide detailed examples in an accompanying package at illinois-sl-examples.


The Illinois Structured Learning Package is available under a Research and Academic use license. For more details, view the license file LICENSE.

System requirements

The Illinois Structured Learning Package was developed on and for GNU/Linux, specifically CENTOS (2.6.18-238.12.1.el5) and Scientific Linux (2.6.32-279.5.2.el6.x86_64). There are no guarantees for running it under any other operating system, but we hope it should run on a Linux OS without any issues.

We assume that the package is installed on a machine with sufficient memory. The actual requirement of the memory depends on the task and size of the learning problem.

NOTE: When running your project, if working with a large dataset, you may need to invoke your project using the -Xmx1G and -XX:MaxPermSize=1G JVM command line parameters.

Additional Documentation/Citation

Additional documentation is available in the JavaDoc located in doc/index.html


Please cite the following papers when using this library

K.-W. Chang, S. Upadhyay, M.-W. Chang, V. Srikumar, D. Roth. IllinoisSL: A JAVA Library for Structured Prediction. Arxiv, 2015.

M.-W. Chang, V. Srikumar, D. Goldwasser and Dan Roth. Structured output learning with indirect supervision. ICML, 2010.

K.-W. Chang, V. Srikumar, D. Roth. Multi-core Structural SVM Training. ECML, 2013.

Contribute to the package

If you encounter any issue when using the package, please file a bug report as a GitHub issue and provide information about how to reproduce the error.

You are also welcomed to contribute to the package. To do so, please fork git repo and submit a pull request.

Please find the detailed instructions about how to contribute to a GitHub project at

Contact Information

Please open a new issue with a minimal working example, in case you run into problems when using this package, and we will assist you. You can also email your questions to

(C) 2015 Kai-Wei Chang, Shyam Upadhyay, Ming-Wei Chang, Vivek Srikumar and Dan Roth, Cognitive Computation Group, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


A general-purpose Java library for performing structured learning.




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