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An example cxflow-cxtream project for hand written digits classification.
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This is an official example repository which demonstrates cxflow and cxtream usage on the canonical task of recognizing hand-written digits.

Development Status

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The cxflow framework installs cxflow command with which one can train our MNIST network.

To train a network in cxflow, the following components are needed:

  • Dataset which provides at least train data stream (e.g.: our fuel dataset)
  • Network to be trained (e.g.: a simple MLP)
  • Configuration with all the training parameters, hooks etc. (available in configs dir)

Furthermore our MNIST datasets require train-valid-test split which is generated in split.csv file.

Fuel dataset

This project contains an example dataset based on fuel backend.

This dataset has no extra dependencies and a training with this dataset can be run with the following command:

$ cxflow train -v config/fuel.yaml

cxtream dataset

For high-performance data streams with efficient asynchronous computing, you may prefer the cxtream backend written in C++. This project contains an example cxtream dataset as well.

To use the cxtream dataset, the following dependencies have to be installed in addition to the original dependencies of cxtream:

Arch Linux

$ pacman -S yaml-cpp

Ubuntu 16.10+

$ apt install libyaml-cpp-dev libboost-iostreams-dev

Build and train

To build the cxtream MNIST dataset and train the network, run the following command:

$ ./ && cxflow train -v config/cxtream.yaml

cxtream - cross-validation split

To generate your own cross-validation split(s) file (split.csv) containing 5 train-valid-test splits in ratio 7:2:1, run the following command

$ cxflow split -v config/cxtream.yaml -n 5 -r 7 2 1


The source code is distributed under the MIT License.

MNIST dataset is property of Yann LeCun. Please see his webpage for more information.

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