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Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004

Code Templates


Boost AEM components development

Touch UI templates demo

Code Templates

What is it and how to use it

Code templates are list of reusable and parameterized code snippets. The feature is well-known for all developers. You use it every time when you create loops/conditions in Java classes.

Template types

  1. Touch UI templates

Provide templates for Touch UI dialogs and widgets which could be used inside the dialog.

  1. Component Files templates

Provide basic definition of the AEM component files like: .content.xml, _cq_template.xml, _cq_editConfig.xml.

  1. HTL templates

Provide templates for HTML Template Language (HTL)

How to install


  1. Automatic Import

  2. Download the liveTemplates.jar file

  3. Open your IDE

  4. Go to File > Import Settings

  5. Choose the file downloaded in the fist step and click OK

  6. Manual Import

  7. Go to the following directory where code templates are stored on you computer

* Windows: `<your home directory>\.<product name><version number>\config\templates`

* Linux: `~/.<product name><version number>/config/templates`

* OS: `~/Library/Preferences/<product name><version number>/templates`
  1. Download the *.xml containing templates definition file from the repository

  2. Put the downloaded file to the directory from the first point

  3. Restart your IDE if it is running


  1. Download the *.xml containing templates definition file from the repository

  2. Open your IDE

  3. Go to Window > Preferences > XML > XML Files > Editor > Templates

  4. Click Import button and select the downloaded file

Change log

  1. Version 2.0.0 Date 16.01.2017

HTL templates provided

  1. Version: 1.0.0 Date: 29.09.2016

Touch UI and Component Files templates provided