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Carty is an integrated tool to create, edit, review and test Sling mappings for Adobe CQ/AEM. Read more.


  • mapping generator - enter domain and the content path and Carty will take of everything else,
  • mapping editor - edit, move, create and delete sling:Mapping entries,
  • tester - check what will be the result of the map or resolve operation,
  • highlighter - Carty explains which entries have been applied to a specific part of the tested URL,
  • configuration - you may choose any path to create mappings, it doesn't have to be the mapping root currently set in the Resource Resolver


  • CQ 5.6.1 or higher
  • Maven 3.x


mvn clean install crx:install

Optionally, you may set Maven properties: instance.url, instance.login and instance.password.


Find Carty under the /miscadmin.