Knot.x is a highly-efficient and scalable integration tool for modern websites developed in Java on top of Vert.x framework.
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Knot.x Core

This is the repository for Knot.x core.

Knot.x Logo

reactive Vert.x-based integration platform

Knot.x core is a reactive integration framework allowing to connect with all kinds of systems from CMS, through web services, to low-level storages like databases or caches and it's not limited to HTTP.

We build Knot.x on top of Vert.x, known as one of the leading frameworks for performant, event-driven applications. It uses asynchronous programming principles which allows it to process a large number of requests using a single thread. Asynchronous programming is a style promoting the ability to write non-blocking code (no thread pools). The platform stays responsive under heavy and varying load and is designed to follow Reactive Manifesto principles.

It exposes Netty-based HTTP server which collects data from any source (like REST / SOAP service, search engine, CRM etc.) and transforms it into an unified customer experience using a template from a repository. The template can contain dynamic fragments which determine the way how the data is used. The repository can be CMS system, Apache or simple catalogue from the filesystem with static HTML pages.

For more information on Knot.x and where Knot.x core fits into the big picture please see the KNOTX.IO.

Getting started

We recommend to use Knot.x Stack to setup Knot.x with all required dependencies. All required steps are described in this tutorial. More details about Knot.x deployment can be found here.

You can also play with Docker to setup an example project.


See for tutorials, examples and user documentation.

See Wiki for developer documentation, examples and other information.

See Knot.x Extensions Github for Stack, the example project, cookbook, Data Bridge and other Knot.x extensions.

Community / Issues

All feature requests and bugs can be filed as issues on Gitub. Do not use Github issues to ask questions, post them on the User Group or Gitter Chat.


Knot.x is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License")