@marcinczeczko marcinczeczko released this May 18, 2018 · 78 commits to master since this release

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What's new

  • PR-376 - Knot.x configurations refactor - Changed the way how configurations and it's defaults are build.
  • PR-384 - Introduce Knot.x server backpressure mechanism
  • PR-397 - Introduce vertx-config module to enable configuration modularization and auto-reload. Thanks to this change, Knot.x instance Auto-redeploy itself
    after the configuration is changed, multiple configuration files format is supported (with favouring the HOCON and supporting nested configurations (includes).
  • PR-399 - Make knotx-core more concise and merge base Knot.x concepts into a single module
  • PR-404 - Refactoring of Knot.x Launcher, get rid of some messy hacks. That enables cleaner way to start Knot.x and extend launcher with custom commands.
  • PR-405 - Switched to BOM style dependencies: knotx-dependencies that define all common dependencies and their versions.
  • PR-406 - standalone module is not conceptually a part of Knot.x core. It was extracted to separate concept and will be available from now in knotx-stack repository.
  • PR-407 - Added vertx hooks to properly terminate instance on fatal failure, like missing configurations etc.
  • PR-411 - example module is not conceptually a part of Knot.x core and having it in the core repository was misleading. integration-tests module introduced here.
  • PR-412 - Knot.x core modules will use dependencies in provided scope, all dependencies will be provided by knotx-stack setup.
  • PR-415 - bugfix: headers configurations (e.g. allowedHeaders) are now case insensitive
  • PR-418 - Update to Vert.x 3.5.1
  • PR-419 - Knotx snippets parameters prefix is now customizable.
  • PR-421 - Support for system properties injection in HOCON config file

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