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Handlebars Knot

Handlebars Knot is a Knot implementation responsible for handlebars template processing.

How does it work?

Handlebars Knot uses Handlebars.js templating engine. More specifically it utilizes Handlebars Java port - Handlebars.java to compile and evaluate templates.

Handlebars Knot filters Fragments containing handlebars in data-knotx-knots attribute (see Knot Election Rule). Then for each Fragment it merges Fragment Content (Handlebars snippet) with data from Fragment Context (for example data from external services or form submission response).


Example Knot Context contains: Fragment Content

<script data-knotx-knots="services,handlebars" data-knotx-service="first-service" type="text/knotx-snippet">
<div class="col-md-4">
  <h2>Snippet1 - {{_result.message}}</h2>
  <div>Snippet1 - {{_result.body.a}}</div>
  {{#string_equals _response.statusCode "200"}}
    <div>Success! Status code : {{_response.statusCode}}</div>

Fragment Context

  "_result": {
    "message":"this is webservice no. 1",
    "body": {
      "a": "message a"
  "_response": {

Handlebars Knot uses data from Fragment Context and applies it to Fragment Content:

<div class="col-md-4">
  <h2>Snippet1 - this is webservice no. 1</h2>
  <div>Snippet1 - message a</div>
  <div>Success! Status code : 200</div>

Finally Fragment Content is replaced with merged result.

How to configure?

For all configuration fields and their defaults consult HandlebarsKnotOptions

In general, it:

  • Listens on event bus address 'knotx.knot.handlebars'
  • Renders HTML debug comments on the output HTML

How to extend?

Extending handlebars with custom helpers

If the list of available handlebars helpers is not enough, you can easily extend it. To do this the following actions should be undertaken:

  1. Use io.knotx:knotx-knot-handlebars module as dependency
  2. Create a class implementing io.knotx.knot.templating.handlebars.CustomHandlebarsHelper interface. This interface extends com.github.jknack.handlebars.Helper
  3. Register the implementation as a service in the JAR file containing the implementation
    • Create a configuration file called META-INF/services/io.knotx.handlebars.CustomHandlebarsHelper in the same project as your implementation class
    • Paste a fully qualified name of the implementation class inside the configuration file. If you're providing multiple helpers in a single JAR, you can list them in new lines (one name per line is allowed)
    • Make sure the configuration file is part of the JAR file containing the implementation class(es)
  4. Run Knot.x with the JAR file in the classpath

Example extension

Sample application contains an example custom Handlebars helper - please take a look at the implementation of BoldHelper:

  • Implementation class: io.knotx.example.monolith.handlebars.BoldHelper
  • service registration: knotx-example/knotx-example-app/src/main/resources/META-INF/services/io.knotx.knot.templating.handlebars.CustomHandlebarsHelper
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