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###This app provides integration with Elasticsearch, the popular open source search server based on Apache Lucene.

License: This is released under the GNU-AGPL (Affero General Public License)

How to use this plugin?

  1. Install Elastic search server first. Ensure Java is installed in your machine. a) Download the latest version from here: b) Based on the OS, you can use the corresponding file. For windows get the zip file and unzip to a folder say ES_INSTALL_DIR c) Install the Elasticsearch DeleteByQuery plugin: ES_INSTALL_DIR/bin/plugin install delete-by-query d) Run elasticsearch.bat (if in windows) from ES_INSTALL_DIR/bin

  2. Add the following lines to the file which point to the correct ip address and port of elastic search server. Restart liferay.

    elasticsearch.serverIP= elasticsearch.portNumber=9300

  3. Download the Elasticray source from here and deploy the plugin in your Liferay installation.

  4. Once the installation is done, Do a "Reindex all search indexes" on from control panel -> Server Administration

Detailed and latest documentation :

Development Status

Development is complete and v1.3 is released. Download Here It has been submitted to the Liferay Marketplace.