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@calderarchinuk calderarchinuk released this Aug 19, 2021


  • Support for Pico XR Unity Platform 1.2.3
  • Debug log file (uploaded with scene) now includes list of installed Unity packages
  • New local cache for session data


  • SDK selection in Scene Setup window is separated by VR runtime application
  • Export no longer includes vertex colours
  • Exporting Canvases now default to double sided material


  • Error with Scene Setup window not appearing in Unity 2021
  • SRanipal callbacks not resetting on session end
  • Exporting HDRP light intensities now closer to expected
  • Exporting terrain correctly places trees when terrain is offset
  • Exporting LODs correctly includes meshes in multiple groups
  • Exporting procedural meshes (including probuilder) now works as expected
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