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  • Support for scaling Dynamic Objects


  • Dynamic Object Controller settings and inspector. Now uses clearly labeled fields to define how to display inputs on SceneExplorer
  • Changed Newtonsoft.Json namespace to CognitiveVR.Newtonsoft.Json to avoid collision


  • Removed Dynamic Object gaze events
  • Fixed Roomsize, HMD height and Arm length to use centimeters
  • Gaze on dynamic objects will now never hit triggers
  • GLTF exporting disabled gameobjects in rare cases
  • Dynamic Object thumbnails will hide nested dynamic objects
  • Dynamic Object thumbnails use the correct bounding size
  • Dynamic Objects now bake correct scale from parent into exported mesh
  • Removed unused 'group' property from Dynamic Object
  • Fixed formatting on web response errors
  • Added Cognitive SDK version to session properties
  • Fixed possible null reference in Custom Event get HMD property
  • GLTF export can export temporary/procedural meshes for canvas/terrain/skinned mesh export
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