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A Cognitive Modeling Calculator

Cogulator, a portmanteau of Cognitive and Calculator, is a simple tool for task analysis and GOMS (Goals, Operators, Methods, and Selection Rules) modeling. It's designed to be approachable for new users and quick for experienced ones. To that end, Cogulator has a fairly limited feature set. You describe the task using CMN-GOMS (discussed more later) and Cogulator returns task time predictions and working memory load estimates. Anything that gets in the way of those basic tasks has been eliminated. In short, we have tried to create a tightly focused application for building GOMS models by applying basic human factors to a basic human factors tool.

Project Page

More for information about Cogulator can be found at

Get Started

  1. Download & Install Cogulator
  2. You're ready to roll. Check out the primer & screencast

Working With Source

Cogulator is developed with electron. If you'd like to modify or expand Cogulator, you'll need npm and electron-forge. You'll also need the following dependencies. Before using these install commands, clone the repo, and then cd inside of the repo folder:

  • jquery with the command "npm install jquery --save"
  • trash with the command "npm install trash --save"
  • electron-titlebar with the command "npm install electron-titlebar --save"
  • electron-json-storage with the command "npm install --save electron-json-storage"
  • service with the command "npm install update-electron-app --save"


Cogulator is provided gratis under an Apache 2.0 license. Feel free to look under the hood or pull the code. If you’d like to contribute to the project, get in touch.


This is beta software: don’t use Cogulator for critical work. Make sure your models folder (Documents/cogulator/models) is backed up regularly.


If Cogulator doesn't work for your purposes (say, you wanted to plug into a sim), consider some of these alternatives

  • GLEAN (repo): One of the primary inspirations for Cogulator
  • CogTool: GUI based model building
  • Apex: Open source architecture
  • ACT-R: Hybrid production system architecture for detailed modeling and testing of cognitive theory