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This repository contain various programs or scripts meant to be publicly available to BEHR end users. Users are welcome to clone this repository to have access to up-to-date versions of BEHR tools.

If you wish to make changes to these tools, create a GitHub account and fork this repository to yours. Make whatever changes you'd like, either on GitHub or on a clone of that repository to your computer (if on a clone on your computer, you will then need to push it back to GitHub), then submit a pull request from your fork.

Current contact: Josh Laughner (jlaughner-AT-berkeley-DOT-edu)

Tools included: - a Bash script that can be run on a user's computer to download BEHR files in batches or update their local copy of BEHR files. - a Python program that can split a day's BEHR file into separate files for each swath. This should address some problems users have had with tools such as Panoply and possible NCL, which seem to use the latitude and longitude arrays from the first swath for all swaths.