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Important Disclosure re: Hummingbot Data Collection

Hummingbot (“Hummingbot”) is open-source software developed and maintained by CoinAlpha, Inc. (“CoinAlpha”, “we”, or “us”) and available at

CoinAlpha collects certain usage information from Users that have configured Hummingbot to allow for the sharing of this data.

Purpose of data collection

Software improvement

Data collected by CoinAlpha is used to help improve Hummingbot for all users. It is important that our team understands the usage patterns and detects bugs as soon as possible, so we can best decide how to design future features and prioritize current work.


Users who provide data allow us to more easily diagnose problems, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues encountered when running Hummingbot.

Types of data collected

Hummingbot aggregates and collects total traded volume per exchange denominated in USDT. The data collected is subsequently reported to CoinAlpha's backend services.

All data collected will be used exclusively by the Hummingbot team for analytical and marketing purposes only. The data will be neither accessible nor sold to any third party.

Note: Users using Hummingbot to participate in any Liquidity Mining Campaigns may separately be subject to additional data collection terms.

Sensitive data

Hummingbot will never collect and/or report sensitive information, such as private keys, API keys, or passwords.

How do I opt-in to or opt-out of data sharing?

From the Hummingbot client, run the command config heatbeat_enabled and set to False to disable all data reporting. Trade data and client data configurations are saved in the conf_global.yml file in the base directory of the client.

How this data is used

When enabled by a user, data is reported by Hummingbot to CoinAlpha. CoinAlpha uses its own systems as well as commercial software (such as Datadog Inc.) to collect and process data.