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from decimal import Decimal
import pandas as pd
from typing import (
from hummingbot.core.data_type.cancellation_result import CancellationResult
from import (
from hummingbot.core.event.event_logger import EventLogger
from hummingbot.core.data_type.limit_order import LimitOrder
from hummingbot.core.network_iterator import NetworkIterator
from hummingbot.core.data_type.order_book import OrderBook
from .deposit_info import DepositInfo
NaN = float("nan")
cdef class MarketBase(NetworkIterator):
def __init__(self):
self.event_reporter = EventReporter(
self.event_logger = EventLogger(
for event_tag in self.MARKET_EVENTS:
self.c_add_listener(event_tag.value, self.event_reporter)
self.c_add_listener(event_tag.value, self.event_logger)
def split_symbol(symbol: str) -> Tuple[str, str]:
return tuple(symbol.split('-'))
except Exception:
raise ValueError(f"Error parsing symbol {symbol}")
def status_dict(self) -> Dict[str, bool]:
return {}
def name(self) -> str:
return self.__class__.__name__
def event_logs(self) -> List[any]:
return self.event_logger.event_log
def order_books(self) -> Dict[str, OrderBook]:
raise NotImplementedError
def ready(self) -> bool:
raise NotImplementedError
def limit_orders(self) -> List[LimitOrder]:
raise NotImplementedError
def tracking_states(self) -> Dict[str, any]:
return {}
def restore_tracking_states(self, saved_states: Dict[str, any]):
Restores the tracking states from a previously saved state.
:param saved_states: Previously saved tracking states from `tracking_states` property.
async def get_active_exchange_markets(self) -> pd.DataFrame:
:return: data frame with symbol as index, and at least the following columns --
["baseAsset", "quoteAsset", "volume", "USDVolume"]
raise NotImplementedError
def get_balance(self, currency: str) -> float:
return self.c_get_balance(currency)
def get_available_balance(self, currency: str) -> float:
return self.c_get_available_balance(currency)
def get_all_balances(self) -> Dict[str, float]:
raise NotImplementedError
def get_price(self, symbol: str, is_buy: bool) -> float:
return self.c_get_price(symbol, is_buy)
def withdraw(self, address: str, currency: str, amount: float) -> str:
return self.c_withdraw(address, currency, amount)
async def get_deposit_info(self, asset: str) -> DepositInfo:
raise NotImplementedError
def get_order_book(self, symbol: str) -> OrderBook:
return self.c_get_order_book(symbol)
def buy(self, symbol: str, amount: float, order_type = OrderType.MARKET, price: float = 0.0, **kwargs) -> str:
return self.c_buy(symbol, amount, order_type, price, kwargs)
def sell(self, symbol: str, amount: float, order_type = OrderType.MARKET, price: float = 0.0, **kwargs) -> str:
return self.c_sell(symbol, amount, order_type, price, kwargs)
def cancel(self, symbol: str, client_order_id: str):
return self.c_cancel(symbol, client_order_id)
async def cancel_all(self, timeout_seconds: float) -> List[CancellationResult]:
raise NotImplementedError
def get_fee(self,
base_currency: str,
quote_currency: str,
order_type: OrderType,
order_side: TradeType,
amount: float,
price: float = NaN) -> TradeFee:
return self.c_get_fee(base_currency, quote_currency, order_type, order_side, amount, price)
def get_order_price_quantum(self, symbol: str, price: float) -> Decimal:
return self.c_get_order_price_quantum(symbol, price)
def get_order_size_quantum(self, symbol: str, order_size: float) -> Decimal:
return self.c_get_order_size_quantum(symbol, order_size)
def quantize_order_price(self, symbol: str, price: float) -> Decimal:
return self.c_quantize_order_price(symbol, price)
def quantize_order_amount(self, symbol: str, amount: float) -> Decimal:
return self.c_quantize_order_amount(symbol, amount)
cdef str c_buy(self, str symbol, double amount, object order_type = OrderType.MARKET, double price = 0.0, dict kwargs = {}):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef str c_sell(self, str symbol, double amount, object order_type = OrderType.MARKET, double price = 0.0, dict kwargs = {}):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef c_cancel(self, str symbol, str client_order_id):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef object c_get_fee(self,
str base_currency,
str quote_currency,
object order_type,
object order_side,
double amount,
double price):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef double c_get_balance(self, str currency) except? -1:
raise NotImplementedError
cdef double c_get_available_balance(self, str currency) except? -1:
raise NotImplementedError
cdef str c_withdraw(self, str address, str currency, double amount):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef OrderBook c_get_order_book(self, str symbol):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef double c_get_price(self, str symbol, bint is_buy) except? -1:
raise NotImplementedError
cdef object c_get_order_price_quantum(self, str symbol, double price):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef object c_get_order_size_quantum(self, str symbol, double order_size):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef object c_quantize_order_price(self, str symbol, double price):
price_quantum = self.c_get_order_price_quantum(symbol, price)
return round(Decimal(price) / price_quantum) * price_quantum
cdef object c_quantize_order_amount(self, str symbol, double amount, double price = 0.0):
order_size_quantum = self.c_get_order_size_quantum(symbol, amount)
return (Decimal(amount) // order_size_quantum) * order_size_quantum
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