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from typing import Dict
cdef class WalletBase(NetworkIterator):
def address(self) -> str:
raise NotImplementedError
def get_balance(self, asset_name: str) -> float:
return self.c_get_balance(asset_name)
def get_raw_balance(self, asset_name: str) -> int:
return self.c_get_raw_balance(asset_name)
def get_all_balances(self) -> Dict[str, float]:
raise NotImplementedError
def send(self, address: str, asset_name: str, amount: float) -> str:
return self.c_send(address, asset_name, amount)
def to_nominal(self, asset_name: str, raw_amount: int) -> float:
raise NotImplementedError
def to_raw(self, asset_name: str, nominal_amount: float) -> int:
raise NotImplementedError
cdef double c_get_balance(self, str asset_name) except? -1:
raise NotImplementedError
cdef object c_get_raw_balance(self, str asset_name):
raise NotImplementedError
cdef str c_send(self, str address, str asset_name, double amount):
raise NotImplementedError
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