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carlolm v0.8.0 release **Merge development to master** (2/3) (#364)
* (bug) Fix get active exchange market

* Added support for MKR token.

* Introduce a single command to run all stable tests (#315)

* Introduce a command to run all stable tests in Hummingbot using Makefile and nose.
The set of stable tests is not exhaustive but just to cover the obvious cases.
Going forward we should start to make tests stable by default (with mocks, fakes, etc), but this will be a good start.

* Show executed test case names and print detailed error on test failure/error.

* Update

* Release notes 0 8 0 (#317)

* (feat) move ethereum related files to wallet/ethereum

* Added a few missing modules in

* (refactor) Ryan's comments

* (fix) as clock has been moved to core

* (fix) moving from wings to core

* (fix) status fix

* Fixed errors in XEMM unit test.

* Fixed XEMM unit test segfault in Linux.

* Enabled XEMM unit test in CI.

* Fixed incorrectly spelled test file name in CircleCI config.

* (feat) Attach client version to logs

* (refactor) remove space in datadog tag

* (fix) Fix balance warning and refactor it to base class

* (fix) fixing shadow tracked orders

* (feat) finish wallet side re-org

* (feat) move wings.model to hummingbot.core.model

* (refactor) restore

* (fix) update .gitignore

* (fix) fix setup

* (refactor) Increase the time between order book initialization in Binance

* (refactor) Remove unused import

* (refactor) remove unused import

* (fix) modify log configs

* (fix) cancelling all orders during shutdown

* Revert "Merge branch 'dev/0.7.0' into origin/vignesh/feat/PureMM"

This reverts commit f6246b7, reversing
changes made to 90c7d48.

* Fixed old hummingsim version on macOS.

* (refactor) remove log messages

* (fix) orders are not removed from tracking after being cancelled

* (fix) Fix arbitrage unitest, make exchange rate config able to reconfig after creating the instance

* (refactor) Update ci test config

* (fix) Fix Pure MM unit test as clock is moved to hummingbot core

* (fix) only needed for binance

* (fix) binance cancel

* (bug) fix binance market buy and all market tests

* (fix) watch for OrderFailure events in strategies

* (feat) xemm strat tests | (refactor) jenkinsfiles

* (debug) logging

* (fix) variable testName

* (fix) testName var input

* (fix) enable conda command

* (fix) conda deactivate

* (fix) add root to uninstall

* (fix) install: add /root/miniconda

* (fix) install: miniconda3 => miniconda

* (fix) conda commands

* (fix) conda activate

* (fix) compile

* (fix) revert compile

* (fix) python version 3.7

* (fix) python command

* (fix) change source

* (revert) import

* (fix) change python version to python3

* (fix) python path

* (fix) python command syntax

* (fix) test command

* (feat) arbitrage strategy test

* (refactor) test result messages

* (fix) jenkins notifyBuild

* (feat) discovery test | (docs) test badges

* (fix) jenkins default buildStatus

* (docs) strategy links

* (feat) add binance tests

* (fix) exchange test file location

* Added discovery strategy unit test to CircleCI config.

* (fix) modify all wings.wallet occurance

* (fix) remove wings.model

* (fix) fix setup script

* (feat) Pure MM uses expiration instead of cancellation for certain exchanges

* (fix) merge conflicts

* (fix) handle zero division error

* (fix) merge conflicts

* (feat) handle invalid wallet private key

* (fix) merge conflicts

* (feat) Add exception type and exception message to remote error logs, add client version to events

* (refactor) lazily initialize http client

* Some misc. fixes.

* Added application warning data type, and integration into status message.

* Started replacing logging.Logger instances with HummingbotLogger.

* Finished replacing all logging.Logger annotations to HummingbotLogger.

* Register the log level name "NETWORK" to logging module.

* Shortened the new logging function name to just "network()".

* Fixed build error.

* (refactor) Martin's changes

* Fixed CI errors by bumping hummingsim version.

* (feat) add Dockerfile VOLUME mount points

* Bumped hummingbot version s.t. it'll be installed to hummingsim's side.

* (fix) fix minor bug

* Bumped hummingsim version to fix CI issues.

* (fix) merge conflicts

* (fix) fix minor import bug

* Make installation via docker just need to copy&paste. (#281)

Currently the command provided to install HB via docker is not copy&paste to install. We should reduce friction for users to adopt as much as possible.

* (fix) add trading rule polling loop to tasks

* (fix) add error handling msg for export trades

* (docs) updating contributing guide

- working from dev branch

* Bumped hummingbot build number for updating hummingsim.

* (fix) fix pure mm conflicts

* (fix) delete bin/

* Bumped hummingsim version to fix CI issue.

* (fix) till it compiles

* (doc) Pure MM documentation (WIP)

* (fix) make hummingbot run

* (refactor) rename cli folder

* (fix) rename cli folder

* (refactor) move data_source files to data_type

* (feat) Add remote log handler when dev branch detected

* (refactor) Move log handler instantiation inside try block

* (fix) move management directory to core

* Replaced recoverable errors and warnings in data feeds and Binance market with network logs.

* (fix) delete misc wings-related configs

* (docs) pure MM configuration documentation

* (fix) fix bot hanging when api keys are invalid

* Transformed all recoverable logs in decentralized exchange connectors and Coinbase Pro connector to network logs.

* Removed exceptions from order book query functions by including the queried price / depth into the return value.

* Removed unnecessary order book depth error in HummingbotApplication.

* Added limiting logic to application warnings in status command to avoid flooding the user with warning messages.

* Application warnings in status message should be newest one first.

* Added async call scheduler to network logs. Improved app warnings formatting.


* Bumped hummingbot version for hummingsim compilation.

* (fix) fix coinbase cancel_all

* Fixed error in hummingsim unit test; bumped hummingsim version to fix strategy unit tests.

* (fix) fix typo

* michaelc's way

* fixed logic used for status

* (fix) modify logging msg

* (fix) Fix for trading tokens which require more than 5/6 digits of precision

* (fix) binance market price amount precision issue

* (fix) binance_time_server_test

Michaelc suggested that the test should be modified as such

* (feat) Added test for price precision

* (fix) binance market test, no inventory should be required for LOOM

* (fix) just keep some loom in wallet to run the test

Michael advised to keep it this way

* (fix) adding quantization rules

* Fixed the incorrect quantization logic from the last patches. Unit test case is WIP.

* Added theoretical implementation of the price precision test case.

* Passed the test_order_price_precision() unit test on Binance.

* Fixed price type errors in pure MM strategy file from Vignesh's patch.

* Improved unit test comments about min order sizes.

* Removed an unnecessary change from Vignesh's patches.

* (docs) mute exchange tests

* Add installation guide on Google Cloud Platform. (#303)

* Add installation guide on Google Cloud Platform.

* Minor modifications to the Google installation instructions.


* WIP 2

* (docs) 0.8.0 release notes

* (docs) update version tag

* (refactor) refactor status message in cross exchange

* (fix) Fix status

* Separate integration tests away into a separate folder. (#324)

* Separate tests that can be run locally from tests that needs to connect to network (i.e. integration tests).

* Fix relative path issues in the integration test folder.

* (refator) use nosetests -v for tests

* (feat) add test for all stable tests

* (docs) jenkins stable tests badge

* (docs)jenkins stable badge|(fix)activate env stabl

* (fix) stable test: make test path

* (update) use nosetests for all tests

* (feat) add telegram integration

* (refactor) cleanup

* (fix) quantize trading rule order size

* Update

Added descriptions of missing commands

* Update

Add coinbase_pro as a supported exchange.

* (fix) make coinbase cancel idempotent

* Update

* Update

* Added some basic data types for Pure MM strategy V2.

* (fix) styling fixes

* (fix) fix initializers

* (fix) fix stoploss issue

* (docs) update docker instructions

* (fix) fix stoploss issue

* Added data types for order filter, order pricing and order sizing delegates.

* Started writing the v2 pure MM marketing making core.


* Wrote some in-code docs of how the delegate interactions will be w.r.t. v2 market making strategy.

* Fixed a small typo.

* (feat) telegram docs

* docs / add documentation on running bots in the cloud (#340)

* Create running-bots-in-the-cloud

* Rename running-bots-in-the-cloud to

* Update

* Update

* Update mkdocs.yml (#343)

Added new running bots in the cloud to navigation

* WIP.

* (fix) catch the correct order failed event

* (refactor) remove debug messages

* (fix) formatting for bid price

* (fix) stop tracking filled orders

* (fix) change code based on review

* (fix) fix minor bug

* (fix) fix merge conflicts

* (docs) add project breakdown (#346)

* refactor / jenkins stable tests (#347)

* (refactor) jenkins stable tests

* (cleanup) remove stage variables

* (fix) typo on xemm test

* Completed the logical implementation of pure market making V2 core.

* Added the logical implementation of the default plugins for the pure market making v2 strategy.

* docs / add aws cloud providers and update installation (#349)

* Rename to

Add more cloud providers to documentation

* Update mkdocs.yml

* Update

Update header and description

* Update

Modify installation instructions

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Add files via upload

Add AWS screenshots

* Update

Add images to AWS

* Delete aws3.png

* Add files via upload

* Update

* Update

* Add files via upload

* Added missing status printing logic to pure MM startegy V2.

* (feat) Allow users to config a new strategy without exiting bot

* (fix) minor style fix

* Added legacy options to pure market making V2 to allow it to work as drop-in replacement of the v1 strategy.

* (docs) edits to telegram documentation page

* Started adding pure mm strategy v2 unit tests.

* (update) pure-mm | bamboo_relay | idex

* (feat) pure-mm jenkinsfile

* Fixed some misc. bugs to allow the first unit test case to work.

* Changed orders proposal logic to be able to handle creating and cancelling orders on each side independently. Passed all unit test cases.

* Converted hummingbot application to use PureMarketMakingStrategyV2.

* feat / add fees to historynn (#345)

* (fix) fix market name representation

* (feat) complete adding fees to trades mvp

* (fix) fix minor bug

* (fix) fix binance user stream listener fee displayed in cli

* (feat) ui optimization

* (fix) tests (#350)

* (cleanup) get rid of unnecessary past changes

* (fix) let users reconfigure with config command

* Fixed an issue in hummingbot application where the pure market making strategy fails to start.

* (fix) fix unit tests

* fix / circleci tests (#356)

* (refactor) circleci: nosetests

* (fix) remove conda usage

* (fix) typo

* (feat) enable pure mm tests

* fix / fix unit tests (#357)

* (fix) fix unit tests

* Updated hummingsim version to fix strategy unit tests.

* (feat) improve ui

* fix/quantize_order_amount

* Fixed incorrect order failure event tag in pure MM v2 strategy.

* Backported Vignesh's stop tracking filled orders fix to pure MM v2.

* (feat) add stable tests to circleci

* (cleanup) remove IDEX

* Fixed unit test case error with pure MM v2 strategy after merging to development.

* (fix) links to config variables

* (update) version numbers
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docs v0.8.0 release **Merge development to master** (2/3) (#364) Jun 10, 2019 add documentation dir Apr 3, 2019
_redirects more content Apr 4, 2019
mkdocs.yml v0.8.0 release **Merge development to master** (2/3) (#364) Jun 10, 2019


Docs for hummingbot, the open source crypto market making bot



pip install mkdocs

Material for MkDocs

pip install mkdocs-material

PyMdown Extensions

pip install pymdown-extensions


mkdocs serve

Go to http://localhost:8000


mkdocs build


Drag the /site directory to a Netlify repo

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