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CoinHealth Code Conversion Phase - Decentralizing EHR

CoinHealth has acquired codes to develop a more efficient and collaborative healthcare community by harnessing the power of blockchain technology and decentralized applications. All codes on beta platform consists of Patient Profile, Team Builder, Appointment setter and Provider Feedback and Directory will be re-written in combination of html, css, javascript and C++, setting the foundation for a multi-purpose CoinHealth EHR/Exchange platform.

Project Goals and Development Phases

By creating and implementing the blockchain-based platform for patients; providers will have access - to the most powerful tool to improve service quality and solidify a loyal patient base – the patient’s feedback and ratings. During the initial phase of conversion, CoinHealth will focus on developing a blockchain structured EHR with one of its main feature which is the use of public key cryptography to create an append-only, immutable, timestamped chain of medical history. Copies of the blockchain are distributed on each authorized provider in the patient's network.

CoinHealth’s blockchain implementation addresses the four major issues in healthcare: fragmented, slow access to medical data; system interoperability; patient agency; improved data quality and quantity for medical research.

Phase 1

  • Conversion of codes and layering of smart contracts using Solidity and Javascript clients. Enabling patients to securely update their medical history through their mobile devices. Patients and Providers are rewarded with CoinHealth tokens for every verifiable health activity they engage in.

Phase 2

  • Blockchain data structures will gather information from compatible wearable sensors and mobile applications that would contribute significant information on the risks versus benefits of treatments as well as patient reported outcomes, creating an eco-system of trust and best practices. A special algorithm will be in place to ensure big data analytics plays a key role in the patient's decision making.
  • Data from CoinHealth's mobile applications and wearable sensors plus data from traditional EMR’s and genomics will offer medical researchers increased capabilities to classify individuals into groups that respond well to a specific treatment or who are more susceptible to a particular disease.
  • Organize these references to explicitly create and accessible bread crumb trail for medical history without storing raw medical data on the blockchain.
  • CoinHealth supplements these pointers with on-chain permissions and data integrity logic, empowering individuals with record authenticity, auditability and data sharing.

Phase 3

  • To build CoinHealth's own DEX (decentralized exchange) to give earners full control of their rewards. Modular APIs will also be developed and integrated with existing provider databases for interoperability.
  • As mentioned above, a token-mining scheme will sustain the CoinHealth network and encourage user adaptability on the features of their Patient Profile and EHR.

For More information about CoinHealth's technological progression into the blockchain space, as well as news and updates about the upcoming token sale and other company endeavours:



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