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CoinVault - Add coin guide

We are happy to accommodate any coin in our family of coins.

####CoinVault is designed for low hosting cost.

The cost for adding a new coin is 1 BTC, then 0.3 BTC per year.

6 month hosting is also available.
Payment in other coins (get in touch for details).

Non-Bitcoin blockchains may require significant dev work, please get in touch to get an idea of time and cost.

###How to add a coin? Please send an email to with the following details:

  • thread.
  • Github source.
  • Coin symbol and exchanges (exchanges are optional).
  • A link to an icon/logo for the coin.

If not already added the coin will get an HD coin type see this link.

The coin must have the following RPC methods available RPC methods used by Nako (the block explorer)

  • getinfo
  • getrawtransaction
  • getblock
  • send

*If docker scripts are provided we may reduce the cost of adding a coin see here.

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