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About API

Coinbene provides stable and secure APIs. You can get the latest market data and trade via the APIs. Your trade-bot can run your algorithms to arbitrage or hedge. Now there are hundreds of algorithms in Coinbene working safely.

Request Process

  • Root URL


  • Encode char set


  • Content type of the header (GET method)


  • Content type of the header (POST method)


Access Limit

For every IP, except the "Place order" and "Cancel order" API's access limit is 10times/10s,others is 100times/10s.


Sign Verification

Coinbene API


API Community

Join our Coinbene Telegram channel now https://t.me/Coinbene_API

API Demo

1.Python : https://github.com/Coinbene/API-Demo-Python
2.Go : https://github.com/Coinbene/API-Demo-Go
3.NodeJs : https://github.com/Coinbene/API-Demo-Nodejs
4.C# : https://github.com/Coinbene/API-Demo-CSharp
5.Php : https://github.com/Coinbene/API-Demo-Php
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