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Drupal Plugin for Cointopay

Cointopay.com crypto payment plugin for: Drupal

Plugin is compatible with Drupal 8 or greater version


Please sign up for an account at https://cointopay.com/Signup.jsp Cointopay.com.

Note down the MerchantID, SecurityCode and Currency, information is located in the Account section. These pieces of information are mandatory to be able to connect the payment module to your Drupal.

Via Drupal Module Upload

  1. Download Cointopay drupal module from github as zip, you can download it as zip from top right 'Clone or download link'.
  2. Go to admin dashboard of your page and select extend from top menu, then click on install new model button from extend page and upload the cointopay plugin zip file and click install.
  3. Drupal commerce is the requirement for its installation so in order to install cointopay plugin you need to install drupal commerce first.
  4. After uploading cointopay plugin on extend page search for cointopay and install it.
  5. Select commerce from top menu and go to configuration select order type there and from the list of order types which in most cases may only have default option, select edit and from edit page change workflow to 'Fulfillment, with validation' and save the settings.
  6. Go to Home >> Administration >> Commerce >> Configuration and select payment gateways and then new payment gateway, select cointopay from gateways list and fill out all the form data.
  7. Now in checkout there is going to be a new option by name Cointopay, you can checkout through that.

Support or Contact

Please contact support@cointopay.com for feature requests and/or incidents, or create a ticket here: https://cointopay.freshdesk.com/helpdesk

About Cointopay.com

We are an international crypto currency payment processor, meaning that we accept payments from your customers and make the funds available to you (incl. in form of fiat currency like euro). The direct integration with Magento provides you with a seamless payment experience while underlying dealing with diverse and complex blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Dash, Ripple and many more. If you want your own crypto currency to become available in this plugin, we can provide that for you as well, Cointopay has been a technological payment incubator since 2014!


PLEASE NOTE OUR AFFILIATE PROGRAM, YOU RECEIVE 0.5% OF ALL YOUR REFERRALS! Create an account on Cointopay.com and send your prospects the following link: https://cointopay.com/?r=[yourmerchantid], you will receive mails when payments come into your account.