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Cointopay Payment Gateway for Odoo


1) Odoo - 10
2) Python - 2.7


Cointopay Payment Gateway for Odoo.

Simple to install and get running

  1. Install Odoo. Follow the instructions mentioned here:
  2. Place the cointopay folder into /path-to-odoo/addons/.
  3. Login to your Odoo admin panel. Activate developer mode from settings.
  4. Go to Apps > "Update Apps List". After updating apps list type keyword "payment" in the search and look for "Cointopay Payment Acquirer" and install it.
  5. Go to "Website Admin" > eCommerce > "Payment Acquirers". Look for Cointopay and fill the "Merchant Id" and "Security Code" acquired from Cointopay payment site and save it.


Full howto with visual available