A Basic UI Replacement for the World of Warcraft Interface.
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About Basic UI

Basic UI is a custom User Interface for the Game World of Warcraft.

I was torn between a few UI's to use a while back and then relized I could take pits a pices from each UI to make it my own. So that is what i did, this is a combination of NeavUI and TukUI the way i wanted them to be. All addons that are in this UI I was given permission to use.

Here are a few things that are include in BasicUI:

  • Stand Alone UI (there are integration of other addons to work with BasicUI).
  • Custom Unitframe Scaleing.
  • AutoSell all Grey items at a vendor.
  • Datatext bar below actionbars or can be moved to top of screen.
  • Detail Tooltip
  • User Friendly Chat

And much, much, more take a chance download BasicUi and give it a try.

Thank You and Enjoy


Thank You...

I would just like to thank all those who created the addons I have used to create this UI.

Special Thanks goes to:

Phanx - WoWInterface, Neal - NeavUI, Tuks and Programers - Tukui, Nightcracker - ncQuest and all the others.