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These are some "Extras" i like to use with Neav UI so I have combined them into one addon and here they are for you to enjoy.

First Module is called AutoGreed:
Which will auto greed roll green items at max level.

Second Module is called Hyperlink:
This module adds a mouseover tooltip above your chat box for a posted linkable items in your chat window. 

Third Module is called Merchant:
Which sells your grey items at any vendor and also autorepairs for you.

Forth Module is called Quest:
Quest is a modified version of ncQuest. The modifacation i made was making so a person can turn on or off the autoaccept & autocomplete posrtions of the addon while keeping the highlight greatest sell price item.

Fifth Module is called SelfBuffs:
This will play a "Warning" sound and place a icon in the middle of your screen when you enter combat if you do not have your class buff on.