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πŸš€ Golang exercise collection
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✌️ My Golang exercise collection

1. fund-valuation-monitor

html-scraping html-template gomail github-actions

Perform scheduled task scripts via Github Actions, crawler the net value of the fund on the day, if it is lower than the lowest value of nearly ten trading days, send an email notification.

2. urlshort

middleware http-handlers

Create a simple server that will look at the path of any incoming web request and determine if it should redirect the user to a new page, much like URL shortener would.

3. terminal-quiz

channels goroutines flags

A command-line quiz program that supports reading csv file of questions, time limit, and whether shuffle the quiz order.

4. tcp-server

TCP net flags

Just want to implement a tcp server myself. Nothing particular.

5. link-parser

recursion parsing-html io-reader

Build a package to parse links (<a> tags) recursively from an HTML file.

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