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An early prototype of the Lucente Stabile Atkins (LSA) Cryptosystem
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Lucente Stabile Atkins Cryptosystem


Note on implementation

This is an early prototype of the Lucente Stabile Atkins (LSA) Cryptosystem meant as a proof-of-concept, for demonstrative purposes only. As such, the algorithm below is not designed particularly for robustness, nor is it representative of the most-efficient practices or programming styles.

This program is meant as a demonstration of the LSA algorithm, and is not cryptographically secure according to industry best practices of implementing cryptographic systems. Efforts at a more robust program have been spent towards our closed-source C++ version of the LSA, which uses cryptographic libraries for computation.

For details on the algorithm, see the electronically published paper linked above


The script was writen using Python 3.7.4 with standard libraries

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