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A collection of sample applications that get included with every ColdBox Bundle distribution
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Welcome to the ColdBox Samples Gallery.

This is small app, of course powered by ColdBox, that displays some of the sample
applications I have created and some of them are re-writes of FAMOUS open source projects
that I credit below.  

If you have ported an app to ColdBox or have an application you would like to share 
with the ColdBox community.  Please email me at with your application
so I can include it in the downloads section and the main release.
In order to make the samples gallery functional you will need to do the following:

1) Copy the coldbox extracted archive to your web root
You should have the following directory structure in the web root:

+ {Web_Root}
|---+ coldbox
    |---+ ApplicationTemplate
    |---+ install
    |---+ samples
    |---+ system

3) Browse to the samples directory on your browser and that is it.
http://{your web address}/coldbox/samples

**IMPORTANT: Some sample applications need installation of server side components or
             databases. Please look at each of the installation instructions on each
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