Save a file and copy its contents directly to the clipboard on OS X
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With basic elements of OS X it is possible to designate a certain folder as input for the clipboard. When a file is saved into this folder a script reads its contents, saves it to the clipboard and deletes the file.

How to install

I assume the folder is called _SaveToClipboard and is located at /Users/Flo/_SaveToClipboard/. Please change the path accordingly.

  1. Create the folder /Users/Flo/_SaveToClipboard/
  2. Create the script file _SaveToClipboard.command in /Users/Flo/_SaveToClipboard.command
  3. Make the script executable (manually via CMD+I or via Terminal: chmod +x _SaveToClipboard.command)
  4. Create the launch configuration file in /Users/Flo/Library/LaunchAgents/
  5. Register the lauch configuration via Terminal command: launchctl load /Users/Flo/Library/LaunchAgents/

How to uninstall

To uninstall simply unregister the launch configuration via launchctl unload /Users/Flo/Library/LaunchAgents/